A Few of the Best Places to Go Ice Skating in the DFW Area

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 12/7 9:00A Riley Heruska
Is there anything more magical than gliding across the ice with family and friends during the holidays? Although North Texas is short on natural bodies of water and freezing cold temperatures, we've...

Smithsonian features SMU 'Sea Monster' research

FOX Dallas-Fort Worth (Good Day) 12/5 5:41A
Ground-breaking research led by a team from Southern Methodist University has now become a major exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution. Louis Jacobs, a professor emeritus of earth sciences at SMU, is the globe-trotting dinosaur hunter behind the...

Former U.S. Ambassador Jordan remembers Bush

FOX Dallas-Fort Worth (Good Day) 12/4 2:31A
As the nation mourns 41st president, George H.W. Bush, we get a look inside some of the dynamics of the Bush family. Robert Jordan, the former United States ambassador to Saudi Arabia under Bush 43, had a close relationship with the Bushes. He's...

The Best Holiday Films to Stream on Netflix Right Now

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 11/26 9:00A Riley Heruska
Now that Thanksgiving has passed and we can officially welcome the Christmas season, we can all start binge-watching films that fill us with holiday cheer. Thankfully, Netflix is currently streaming a...

4 Ways You Can Develop Lung Cancer, Even If You Don't Smoke

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 11/16 7:00A Riley Heruska
November is National Lung Cancer Awareness Month , and as a result, health organizations around the country are trying to dispell myths about the disease and educate Americans. It's estimated that...

Avoid Getting Sick Over the Holidays With These 5 Tips

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 11/15 6:00A Riley Heruska
Although flu activity has been relatively low in Texas so far, we all know that diseases spread when we spend more time in airports and group gatherings. If you want to avoid catching a nasty bug at...

What's ahead after the midterm elections

FOX Dallas-Fort Worth (Good Day) 11/11 2:36A
From the election recount in Florida to the potential of President Trump and the democrats compromising senior fellow at SMU Victoria Farrar-Myers shares her thoughts on what's ahead after the midterm elections.

Jeff Engel on Jeff Sessions, CNN reporter

FOX Dallas-Fort Worth (Good Day) 11/8 4:23A
There is another high-level shakeup in the Trump administration and that may create new trouble for the White House. Dr. Jeff Engel from the SMU Center for Presidential History says he hasn't seen this anything close to this in the White House...

Profession: Trump will be on most voters' minds

FOX Dallas-Fort Worth (Good Day) 11/6 1:27A
About 70 percent of voters in a new survey said President Trump will be on their minds when they vote. SMU political science professor Cal Jillson joins Good Day to talk about what is motivating voters in this election. And who is more motivated...

5 Promising New Shows to Stream in November

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 11/1 7:00A Riley Heruska
This month, there are plenty of new shows to be thankful for, especially as temperatures get colder and we want to snuggle up inside our warm houses. Netflix and other streaming services are releasing...
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