Get Your Tickets to the 2018 Okrapalooza in Dallas Today

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 8/17 12:00P Anna Mazzocchi
Okra is a classic staple to any Southern table, and thank goodness for that. The delicious vegetable is one of the most versatile out there, and people have caught on to that over the years so much so...

5 Fantastic Colleges in Texas You Might Not Know About

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 8/17 9:00A Riley Heruska
If your child is a junior or senior in high school, youre probably spending a great deal of time discussing higher education. There are 176 different colleges in Texas, which can make the application...

Dallas Children's Advocacy Center Presents Aim for Advocacy on Aug. 24

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 8/16 1:00P Anna Mazzocchi
Aug. 24 presents a fantastic opportunity for you to come out and participate in a fun and supportive event benefiting the Dallas Childrens Advocacy Center. The Dallas Childrens Advocacy Center is an incredible organization that aids in the legal...

Apps That Can Help You Take Care of Your Mental Health

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 8/16 10:00A Riley Heruska
We've all heard about apps like Headspace and  MyFitnessPal , but what other resources exist in your phone ? There are dozens of apps available that can help you become a healthier, happier person....

The Super Bowl of Giving by Dave Scullin, CEO

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 8/15 4:00A Christine Rogers
No part of the country supports their community more than Texans, especially those here in North Texas. And now its time to gear up for this years Super Bowl of giving event coming up on September...

The Top 5 Hotels to Check Out for an Awesome DFW Staycation

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 8/14 6:00P Anna Mazzocchi
Staycations can be just as much fun as getting out of town, especially in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. There are plenty of fun hotels and mini-getaways around us that make for a wonderful end of summer...

Looking to Adopt a Furry Friend? Try These Local Organizations

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 8/14 2:00P Anna Mazzocchi
I can say with 100% certainty that bringing a furry friend into your home is one of the best things you will ever do! My dogs at home are members of the family and bring so much joy to our lives every...

How Sitting in Daily Traffic Affects Your Mental Health

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 8/14 10:00A Riley Heruska
Sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic is a surefire way to put anyone in a bad mood, but what scientists have found is that spending time in traffic on a regular basis may negatively impact your mental...

Tricks for Easing Your Kids Back Into Their School Schedules

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 8/14 8:00A Riley Heruska
For most families, school starts within the next two weeks. Summer is drawing to a close, and with that change comes a new schedule for parents and kids alike. This switch can be difficult, especially...

Tips for Repairing Your Sun-Damaged Skin

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 8/13 12:00P Riley Heruska
If you look in the mirror and are frustrated by the wrinkles, brown spots and rough patches you see, you're probably looking at the results of long-term sun damage. Our knowledge about UV rays and...

Why We All Need to Work on Preventing Texas Wildfires

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 8/11 8:00A Anna Mazzocchi
Anyone following the news knows that California has had a difficult year with wildfires. This, however, is nothing too out of the ordinary; wildfires have always been common, unfortunate events in the...

These DFW Florists Can Work Magic on Your Event

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 8/9 1:00P Riley Heruska
Whether you're planning a romantic wedding or an elegant retirement party, floral arrangements can take the event to a whole new level. Check out this list of local vendors to find a company that can...

5 Vital Tips to Help Keep Your Kids Safe on Social Media

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 8/9 10:00A Riley Heruska
Social media is no longer just an exciting outlet for people of all ages; it has become an ingrained, accepted part of daily life in modern society. As a result, young children and teens are spending...

Tips for Renewing Your Texas Driver's License Quickly

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 8/7 12:00P Riley Heruska
Everyone dreads the expiration of their Texas driver's license. Once the date rolls around, you have four ways you can renew your license: online, over the phone, by mail or in person. Obviously, most...
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