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Cars, Costs, and Canny Considerations!

The Daily Campus (Student Newspaper) 1/20 3:00A Scholarship Media
I m a college senior graduating this coming May with a degree in political science. I ve already landed a great gig near Harrisburg, PA, which is where I ll be moving to immediately after my graduation. While I m definitely excited about...

Activities and the Outdoors

The Daily Campus (Student Newspaper) 1/19 4:30A Scholarship Media
If you ask my parents, I don t get outdoors enough. When I m at home, they say I need to get off the computer (I m a gamer) and go outside. They assume I have the same habits at school, even though I try to tell them I don t. But maybe I do,...

SMU shocks No. 7 Wichita State

The Daily Campus (Student Newspaper) 1/17 4:57P Phil Mayer
SMU notched a huge conference win, beating Wichita State, but one of its key players went down with an injury.

Fantasy Fan Culture

The Daily Campus (Student Newspaper) 1/17 9:16A Scholarship Media
I ve been in the same fantasy football league for years now, and the guys who are in it with me are my good friends. Most of us are still in college, but a few graduated last year and the year before and are in the area working. Those older guys...

Lasting Habits, Lasting Health

The Daily Campus (Student Newspaper) 1/16 5:13A Scholarship Media
For a long time now, I ve been trying to get healthy and lose weight. I ve struggled with my weight on and off since middle school, and no matter how many diets and exercise plans I try, I can never get them to stick. I m guilty of trying fad...

The Need for Nonprofits

The Daily Campus (Student Newspaper) 1/14 5:00A Scholarship Media
I have a question about nonprofits. Is it true that all nonprofits pay nothing in taxes? And if so, why is that allowed? I understand it s nice to give charities a break on their taxes, but why are we giving big tax breaks to huge organizations...

Business Background

The Daily Campus (Student Newspaper) 1/13 4:00A Scholarship Media
I m an English major, and graduation has me nervous. The economy seems to be doing well, but I m not sure what kinds of jobs are available to me or which ones I even want! One thing I m considering is going into business, because that seems to be...
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