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Opinion: There is no Grey Area, College Students Should Get Vaccinated

The Daily Campus News 4/10 12:36P Andrew Wells
Many college students have expressed skepticism over the COVID vaccine. Their arguments are hypocritical and irrational. College students should get the vaccine for altruistic reasons as well as the hypocrisy of their own arguments.

6 Expensive Birthday Gifts to Ask for This Year

The Daily Campus News 4/9 9:53A Guest Column
Thankfully, birthdays are the perfect chance to make up for whatever gifts you didn't get during the holiday season! If you're excited about getting expensive birthday gifts from your family this year, then you'll want to check out the rest of...

5 Rewarding Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

The Daily Campus News 4/9 9:03A Guest Column
It s no secret that the world is facing an impending disaster. In the next 28 years, experts believe that the climate crisis will cause the planet to change irreversibly affecting life as we know it dramatically. We need to act and we need to act...

SMU is Receiving a Second Shipment of the Pfizer Vaccine

The Daily Campus News 4/7 6:45P Alexandra Savu
SMU is receiving a second shipment of the Pfizer vaccine for the students, faculty, and staff at SMU. Click here to find out more information about the number of doses, registration details, and dates for scheduling appointments.

Wade Glover: Vice President Platform

The Daily Campus News 4/6 10:19A The Daily Campus
Serving the SMU community in Student Senate for the past two years has made me passionate about SMU and making our campus the best it can be. That s why I am so excited to run to be the next Student Body Vice President.

Alex Fassnacht: Vice President Platform

The Daily Campus News 4/5 10:45A The Daily Campus
I am a sophomore from Atlanta, GA majoring in International Studies and Public Policy with minors in Spanish, History, Human Rights. In Senate I have served as a Pre-Major Senator the past two years, and on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee...

SMU Student Media Recognized with 16 Statewide Awards

The Daily Campus News 4/5 7:18A The Daily Campus
The SMU Daily Campus, SMU Look, and SMU-TV took home a total of 16 awards at the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association's award ceremony, which recognizes excellence in student media from universities across the state.
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