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It's no surprise that SMU is looking to expand the campus; the land south of Mockingbird - where the former Ms. Baird's factory once stood - has already been demolished and cleared. But, it appears that SMU is also looking to expand to the north near Dublin and Airline.

At a University Park city council meeting on Tuesday, December 20, the city will vote on whether or not to allow SMU to build a new student housing complex, a parking garage and a dining facility. The 7.59 acres of land is owned by SMU but the proposed plan will require a zoning changes as it provides for smaller front yard setbacks along Dublin and Airline Roads.

In preparation for their discussion and vote, the city alerted the affected residents within 200 feet of the proposed site and asked for a response. SMU received 16 responses that were all in favor of the proposed rezoning. The Planning and Zoning Commission has already voted unanimously to recommend approval.

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