Ten Exciting Children's Books Hitting Shelves Soon

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 9/15 9:00A Riley Heruska
Whether you're looking for a picture book to read with your little one or a novel to pass along to a young reader, publishers have got you covered over the next few months. Here are some of the most...

How to Save Money on Admission to the State Fair of Texas

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 9/14 9:00A Riley Heruska
Ah, the State F air of Texas . For many families, attending this annual event is an important tradition. You chow down on fried food, wander around the Midway, and hesitantly try a few of the carnival...

These Podcasts Will Help You Be Happier and Healthier

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 9/12 9:00A Riley Heruska
Whether you spend a lot of time in the car, working out, or doing chores around the house, podcasts are a great way to learn new information while multitasking. You can find entertaining shows on...

5 Kid-Friendly Movies Coming to Theaters This Fall

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 9/11 9:00A Riley Heruska
Sometimes it feels like every movie hitting the theaters is full of nudity, violence, and other content that's inappropriate for children. Thankfully, that's not totally the case. There are a handful...

Tips for Staying Organized During the School Year

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 9/8 9:00A Riley Heruska
With the chaos of a new academic year and the start of various extracurricular activities, life as a parent can become pretty crazy. Here are a few tricks that will help you stay on top of a hectic...

Jubilee Park Unveils Commemorative 20th Anniversary Bracelets

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 9/5 10:00A Kristi Bare
Celebrating 20 years, Jubilee Park & Community Center is commemorating its milestone anniversary with a trio of bracelets designed by Dallas-based designer, Taylor Miller of Hazen Jewelry. The...

11 Car Cleaning Hacks To Detail Like A Pro

Kids Activities Blog 9/5 4:00A Liz
My car is usually a big mess. Trash in the side pockets, crumbs all over the backseat, handprint smudges on the inside of the windows With kids, it seems like it s almost impossible to keep your car...

What's Coming to Netflix in September

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 9/1 9:00A Riley Heruska
Starting to feel a little underwhelmed by your options on Netflix? Never fear, the company will be adding a large selection of new shows, movies, and documentaries over the course of the following...

North Texas Giving Day Featured Nonprofit: Zoies Place

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 9/1 5:00A Carrie Dyer
North Texas Giving Day,  the largest giving day in the nation powered by Communities Foundation of Texas, is back on September 14, 2017! In eight years, North Texas Giving Day has generated $156...

Ways to Make Your Labor Day Weekend Special

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 8/29 9:00A Riley Heruska
In 1882, thousands of workers marched in New York City in advocation of basic work environment safety and necessities. Now, we commemorate that historic day on the first Monday of every September....

ENTER TO WIN: CK Bradley Tripoli Orange Lotus Leggings

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 8/25 5:32A Saffie Farris
One of our BubbleLife clients, CK Bradley , is currently running a giveaway and we wanted to offer our readers the opportunity to enter! By entering the contest, youll be eligible to win a pair of...

Building a Digital Collection for Academic Research

SMU Libraries News 8/24 12:10P Tyeson Seale
A digital collection, which can contain just a few or thousands of items, can be an incredibly useful tool for a researcher who needs a searchable database of digital files relating to an academic...

5 Sci-Fi Novels Teens Might Actually Enjoy

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 8/23 9:00A Riley Heruska
With school starting up again, teens are about to have much less free time for lounging around while reading a good book. However, that doesn't mean recreational reading has to come to a complete...

Why You Should Take a Road Trip to Caddo Lake State Park

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 8/22 9:00A Riley Heruska
We all know that Texas is home to some pretty amazing natural features . From mountain ranges to sparkling lakes, we've got it all. Surprisingly, our state is even home to some swampy grounds that are...

How to Get Moving If You Hate Working Out

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 8/18 8:00A Riley Heruska
We all know how important physical activity is. It can help you control your weight, decrease your risk of serious diseases, strengthen your body, and even improve your attitude towards life (thanks,...
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