Reading Round-Up: The Best Books of April

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 4/28 10:00A Riley Heruska
With hundreds of books hitting bookstore shelves every month, it can be difficult to sift through new releases for the best find. Thats why weve done the heavy lifting for you! Here are ten of the...

How to Use Your Leftover Easter Candy

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 4/27 11:00A Riley Heruska
When your little ones come home with overflowing Easter baskets, packed with Jelly Beans and chocolates of all kinds, it's often tempting to just chuck some of it in the trash. After all, no parent...

What's Coming to Netflix This May

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 4/26 11:00A Riley Heruska
Starting to feel a little underwhelmed by your options on Netflix? Never fear, the company will be adding a large selection of new shows, movies, and documentaries over the course of the following...

Gift Ideas for the Mothers in Your Life

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 4/25 10:00A Riley Heruska
Yes, Mothers Day doesnt roll around for another few weeks, but lets be honest: Most of us end up dashing to the store the day before to hurriedly pick out cards and gifts for the special women who...

20 Unique Dallas Date Ideas

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 4/24 10:00A Riley Heruska
Even though theres nothing wrong with embracing take-out and Netflix for most romantic nights, sometimes couples want to add a little flare to their nights together. Dallas is an amazing city for date...

Peepin at the Coops This May

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 4/21 11:00A Rita Cook
If you thought Dallas was just one big urban jungle, you were wrong and not considering the fact that East Dallas is home to quite a number of city chickens. For folks interested in getting a look at...

Beta Search Now Available!

SMU Libraries News 4/21 10:14A Hollie Gardner
Try out the beta version of our new library search! After you have taken a test drive of the new search, help us build a better search by letting us know what you think in our feedback form . The beta...

Earth Day Reminds Us to Think Eco

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 4/19 1:00A Rita Cook
While it would be nice if every day were Earth Day, sometimes its hard to keep it going on a regular basis. Earth Day on April 22 is always a good time to sit back and think about how each one of us...

14 Books to Read Before They Hit the Big Screen

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 4/18 10:38A Riley Heruska
Everyone always says "the book was better." This time, read the book beforehand so you can agree when the following movies are released in theaters.  The Lost City of Z  by David Grann   - April 21,...

Fighting Fake News with the Libraries

SMU Libraries News 4/17 8:45A Hollie Gardner
The libraries recently held a workshop on how to recognize fake news which generated interesting discussions amongst attendees. As a follow up, we decided to share top tools and resources for fighting...

6 Podcasts That Will Make Your DFW Commute More Enjoyable

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 4/13 10:49A Riley Heruska
Is there really anything worse than sitting in traffic for an hour on the way to your job? Probably, but it's still no fun. One summer when I spent nearly two hours in DFW traffic each day, I...

Where to Get the Best Photos During Bluebonnet Season

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 4/12 10:56A Riley Heruska
The gorgeous state flower has been popping up all over lately, and everyone is looking for good photo-snapping locations with bluebonnets. Luckily, you dont have to stop on the side of the highway...

Live Healthier While You're at the Office

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 4/11 10:31A Riley Heruska
Wake up, get ready for work, sit at a desk for eight hours, go home, turn off for the day, then repeat. Again. And again. And again. When youre stuck at the office for a large majority of your week,...

Hey Dallas Moms! Looking for a Great Summer Activity for Your Kids?

SMU BubbleLife iReporter 4/10 2:00P Brittany Cavender
Cross Cheer  is a ministry established to teach girls the sport of cheerleading in a Christ-centered atmosphere.  We are excited to announce our 2017 summer Cross Cheer cheerleading camps, for girls aged 3-12. Campers will learn basic cheer...
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