The sporting world was set ablaze by the allegations leveled at the University of Miami yesterday. For those unaware, Yahoo! Sports writer Charles Robinson conducted an 11-month investigation into the Hurricanes athletic program that led to one booster confessing that he provided thousands of impermissible benefits to at least 72 Miami athletes from 2002 to 2010.

The article depicts a program so corrupt it makes the Pony Excess at SMU in the 1980's seem tame in comparison. While sports experts across the nation are in agreement that the NCAA should and will come down hard on the university, the experts are in disagreement on how big the punishment should be.

There are many calls for the "Death Penalty" to be used again. SMU students, alumni and fans are all too familiar with the Death Penalty, as it crippled the Mustangs' football program for over 25 years. Only in the last two years has SMU finally seen a little daylight. The NCAA knows how badly the Death Penalty can cripple a program and that's why some believe the NCAA won't ever use it again, even though the transgression at Miami far exceed those at SMU.

What do you think? Should Miami be the second program to ever get the Death Penalty?

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