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In 2016, Christopher M. Lake published his first book, A Christian Divorce, which reflects on his personal observation that the most acrimonious and the most uncommonly bitter litigation experiences he has encountered during his 20+ year family law career have been those in which either one or both of the parties professed to be Christians. Chris explains the genesis for his writing project:

“In a majority of circumstances, divorce outcomes are mostly predictable . . . yet strikingly few people put enough meaningful thought into the long-term effects on every individual touched by the wake of divorce — including children. A Christian Divorce is an attempt to help individuals approach divorce in a more intentional way . . . if divorce is truly inevitable. I wrote A Christian Divorce for anyone who finds themselves on the brink of divorce, in the midst of divorce, or in the wake of divorce’s aftermath . . . and for those individuals who possess influence in the lives of anyone affected by divorce.”

For more about A Christian Divorce, please go to the book’s link: