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(Photo courtesy of Rob Graham.)

The sports-themed website Bleacher Report recently named Southern Methodist University's Peruna as the second best live college mascot in the country.

Peruna is described as "one of the most underrated little mascots in the college football universe" in the website's top ten list.

"While one does not necessarily associate a Shetland Pony with 'Mustangs,' as that name evokes images of large horses running wild with flowing manes and tails, this mascot has plenty of spirit," according to the website.

Peruna comes in ahead of other mascots, such as Ralphie, which is the University of Colorado at Boulder's buffalo mascot, and Bevo, which is the University of Texas at Austin's longhorn mascot, but Peruna did not claim the top spot, which went to ... well, click here to find out.