Meadows School of the Arts
Meadows Percussion Ensemble: An Evening of Percuss



Central Standard Time



Caruth Auditorium – Owen Arts Center
6101 Bishop Blvd
Dallas, Texas 75205

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The Meadows Percussion Ensemble is proud to present its Spring Concert: An Evening of Percussion! The show opens with the intense quartet Dex by Michael Burritt. The ensemble will surround the audience for a sonic experience like no other. Next will be the stalwart ensemble Double Music by John Cage and Lou Harrison. The duo collaborated and composed two parts each separately, then brought them together to form a truly unique piece in the repertoire. The ensemble will feature Meadows graduate student Christopher Mehrafshan as marimba soloist on Louis IX in Oaxaca by Meadows composition professor Dr. Lane Harder. To end the first half, we will present The Manes Scroll by Christopher Deane. Mr. Deane was Professor of Percussion at UNT. He was a true friend of the MPE, and we are proud to present this very interesting work. The second half opens with Threads by Paul Lansky. We are pleased to present two Meadows percussion undergraduate students performing xylophone solos. Christopher Smetzer performs Cleanin' Up The Town from the movie Ghostbusters by the BusBoys, as arranged by Meadows composition student Ayden Machajewski. And, Nick Lemon will perform The Jolly Cabarello. The concert ends featuring special guest artist Poovalur Sriji on his piece, Jamming Saints. The piece, prepared by Jamal Mohamed, Director of Meadows World Music Ensemble, is the perfect end to our Evening of Percussion.


This performance will be both in-person and livestreamed; to register to watch online, visit