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It’s been 10 years since the horrific events of September 11th rocked New York, the United States and the entire world. Stop any random person on the street and ask them to recount what they were doing at the time of the attack and it’s likely they can recount it in vivid detail. It is a memory that anyone who witnessed it, either in person or on television, will never forget.

But, 10 years is a long time and many Americans have moved on since then. September 11 – just like Pearl Harbor – may always be a rallying symbol for our country but with the advent of the Internet constantly bombarding us with new events and tragedies, 9/11 becomes more of a distant memory.

SMU and the Park Cities are hoping to change that by hosting a range of public, thought-provoking events in honor of 9/11. The events will run from Wednesday, September 7 until Sunday, September 11 – the 10th anniversary of September 11, 2001.

  • September 7 (3-4 p.m.) - "What Happened? A Historic Account" - McCord Auditorium/Dallas Hall
  • September 8 (4-5 p.m.) - "Haunted Memories and Complex Loyalties" - SMU Faculty Club
  • September 9 (8:30 a.m.) - University Park Department Ceremony - University Park Fire Department
  • September 9 (7-9 p.m.) - "Ending the Cycles of Violence: Reflections on Compassion, Forgiveness and Healing" - McCord Auditorium/Dallas Hall
  • September 10 (6 p.m.) - Half-time Tribute from the SMU Mustang Band - Ford Stadium
  • September 11 (6-7:15 p.m.) - "The Day The Whole World Watched" - McCord Auditorium/Dallas Hall
  • September 11 (7:30-8:30 p.m.) - Service of Remembering - Dallas Hall

Throughout the days leading up to September 11, SMU will plant flags in the Meadows Museum Sculpture Garden for each of 2,977 victims of 9/11. For more information about the events, visit the SMU website.

Though America may never forget what happened on September 11, 2001, the sponsors of these events hope that people may one day forgive.

Photo from Google Earth.

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