The Popsicle Monsters Youth Theatre Performance!



Central Standard Time



The Mix
9125 Diceman Dr.
Dallas, Texas 75218

The Popsicle Monsters = the very first endeavor of The Linden Grove Theatre Company! This world premeiere musical will be the culmination of a two-week theatre intensive workshop. The town of Banana Grove is under attack, and Jenny Robins, a tweenager whose life is falling apart because a Cheerleader Oracle accuses her of crimes she didn't commit, the school bullies are convinced she kidnapped the town mascot Banana Stan, and someone--or something--just won't stop breaking into her freezer and eating all her banana popsicles--is at the epicenter of it all! The grown ups are no help--they're literally puppets! Can Jenny, her friends, and her faithful family pets solve the mystery...before all the bananas are gone? This play is acted by an all-kid cast and is fun for kids and adults of all ages! Tickets are $5 at the door. Questions? or 214-734-7316! We'll see you in The Grove!!